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The Assassin is responsible for killing a politician who had just given up from his position as a dictator. The Assassin is part of The Dictator’s Book fragment.


He’s an assassin from a foreign country and one of the many enemies of the Dictator. The latter has been targeted repeatedly during his government due to his authoritarian policies and zero tolerance against opposition.[1]

The Assassin's manga counterpart is a young boy who lost his parents during the wars caused by the Dictator.[2]


Nothing was revealed about the Assassin’s personality. He’s brave and skillful enough to mixed in with the crowd as a guard and shoot the Dictator dead to fulfill his mission.[1] In the manga, he’s a young boy driven by vengeance and grievance.[2]


The Assassin disguised himself as a guard, although his appearance was never described in the original.[1] In the adaptation, the young boy walks barefoot and wears a worn hooded cloak. His dark hair cover one of his vacant eyes.[2]


After years governing the country, the Dictator finally captured the last rebel. During the public execution in a plaza, he announced that he would keep ruling as the true king of the country, rather than as a dictator. Moments later, the Assassin, who had mixed in with the crowd disguised as a guard, shot him dead. The Dictator’s Book didn’t protected the politician this time, since he had just renounced the dictatorship.[1]

In the manga, the young boy stabbed the Dictator. After all, the boy’s parents died during the wars caused by the politician. Rasiel tells the whole story to a German leader in the adaptation.[2]

Dictator end

The Assassin killing the Dictator.

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