72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorashAdolf HitlerAira
Aira's grandmotherArmand JeremiahBaron
Benjamin DiffringBook of ArawnBook of Connection
Book of EquivalenceBook of FetusBook of Gap
Book of LifetimeBook of StyxBook of Those Who Want Beauty
Book of TwilightBook of WisdomBook of the Eleusis Ritual
Book of the House-ElfBook of the Outer GodBook of the Sage
Book of the Salamander's SealBook of the Silver WellBoyd Hurston
Camilla Sauer KeynesChapter 11 (manga)Chapter 1 (light novel 3)
Chapter 1 (light novel 4)Chapter 1 (manga)Chapter 2 (light novel 1)
Chapter 2 (light novel 2)Chapter 2 (light novel 4)Chapter 2 (light novel 7)
Chapter 2 (manga)Chapter 3 (light novel 1)Chapter 3 (light novel 2)
Chapter 3 (light novel 3)Chapter 3 (light novel 4)Chapter 3 (manga)
Chapter 4 (light novel 1)Chapter 4 (light novel 2)Chapter 4 (light novel 3)
Chapter 4 (light novel 4)Chapter 4 (manga)Chapter 5 (light novel 1)
Chapter 5 (light novel 2)Chapter 5 (manga)Chapter 6 (manga)
Chapter 7 (manga)Chapter 8 (manga)Chapter 9 (manga)
Charlotte's parentsCharlotte EdgecumbeChez Hurston
Christabel SistineCras numquam scireDalian
Dallaglio's fatherDallaglio HaywardDantalian no Shoka
Dantalian no Shoka (light novel)Dantalian no Shoka (manga)Dantalian no Shoka Wiki
Divine Encyclopedia of the Yin KingsElvis LilburnEnvious Woman
Episode 1Episode 10Episode 11
Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4
Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7
Episode 8Episode 9Eric Kesley
Estella's grandmotherEstella LilburnFiona's great-grandfather
Fiona FameniasFlambergeFragment 1 (light novel 1)
Fragment 2 (light novel 1)Fragment 2 (light novel 3)Fragment 2 (light novel 4)
GianniGladstone CompanyGolem
Hal KamhoutHenry ConradHostess
Hugh Anthony DiswardIlas' Collections of PoemsIlas Alcock
Immortal Old ManInternational agentsJessica's teacher
Jessica ElphinstoneKendrickLenny Lents
Leonard AshwellLeticia SerkisLianna Scholes
Liber de NymphisList of EpisodesList of Phantom Books
Mabel's grandparentsMabel NashMartin Geese
Matilda LinkerMelgarMildred Dewar
Miss RoedeanMr. FameniasMr. Fieron
NicolaNorman HarrisNoss
Patricia NashPaula DickinsonPhantom Book of Resurrection
Phantom ScoreProfessorRasiel
Relic addictRichardsonRoy Hurston
SaluteStory TimelineThe Aggregate of Burning Golden Beads
The AssassinThe Clay Tablet of UgaritThe Dictator
The Dictator's BookThe First Sacred Treasure of HellThe Floating Gods
The HarlequinadeThe Nāgārjuna’s ManuscriptThe Ophiuchus Manuscript
The Pedigree of All CreationsThe Queen of the NightThe Sage's Plate
The Scent God's ScriptureTitoVance
Viola's suitorsViola DuplessisW Machine
Wise childrenYes, prisoner

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