The anime series started airing on July 16th 2011 until October 1st 2011, the show ran for twelve episodes. 

Episodes Airing date
Turn-up Book July 16, 2011
Book of Fetus July 23, 2011
Book of Wisdom July 30, 2011
Book of Soul Exchange August 6, 2011
The Magician's Daughter August 13, 2011
Libricide August 20, 2011
Perfumer August 27, 2011
Book of Equivalence / Book of Relationship September 3, 2011
Book of Twilight September 10, 2011
Phantom Score September 17, 2011
Bibliotheca Razielis Archangeli September 24, 2011
Song for the Unwritten Future October 1, 2011

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