Jessica’s teacher
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Japanese Name


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Silver-rimmed Glasses (銀縁眼鏡 Ginbuchi Megane)

Teacher (先生 Sensei)

Deputy Head Teacher (教頭先生 Kyōtō Sensei)


Chapter 1 (light novel 4);
Chapter 4 (manga)

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Jessica’s teacher is a minor character seen in Jessica’s school who was attacked by Benjamin Diffring. She’s the deputy head teacher in the manga. She appears in the Book of Gap story.


She works under Principal Roedean, in the school which Jessica Elphinstone and Matilda Linker attend.[1]


Nothing was revealed about the teacher’s personality, only that she follows Miss Roedean’s instructions.[1] In the manga, she’s tolerant enough to ignore Dalian’s disrespect.[2]


She’s a young woman who wears silver-rimmed glasses.[1] She’s older in the manga adaptation. In this version, she wears a pince-nez glasses attached to an ear-mount, and a dark, long tube skirt. The teacher keeps her hair in an updo.[2]


The teacher breathes in happiness after finally finding Jessica Elphinstone. She was looking for the student to give her a book, following the instructions of a note on her desk, supposedly written by Miss Roedean. The schoolgirl is confused, since she has no classes that day. Furthermore, she didn’t recognize the book. Suddenly, Dalian tells the woman to release the book, while Hugh draws his revolver. The teacher freezes in fear, noticing blood flowing out from her arms. To her shock, a military knife emerges from inside the book.

Jessica runs to help her, only to be stopped by Hugh. Benjamin Diffring appears from the gaps between the pages, returning to his three-dimensional form by exploring the powers of the Book of Gap. He twists the arm of the injured teacher, using her as a shield. Soon after, he pushes her away to pick the Phantom Book from the ground and attack Jessica, who had witnessed his power a few days ago. The serial killer is eventually caught.[1]

In the manga, the deputy head teacher wanders around the school as if guarding the area. She almost finds Hugh, who would be in trouble for locking Jessica inside a room, although he was only thinking about her safety. The schoolgirl also barely avoids her while looking for Matilda. The next day, the teacher criticizes the student for talking with such suspicious people. The woman ignores Dalian’s rude remarks. Diffring cuts her right hand off in the adaptation.[2]

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