Immortal Old Man
Immortal Old Man

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Fragment 2 (light novel 1)
Chapter 3 (manga)

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The Immortal Old Man is a person who found himself in the Labyrinth Library, where he modified the book of his own life to trick death. Hugh listens to his story in the Book of Lifetime fragment.


Old man's past

The old man's past.

When he was a child, he found a maze-like library with endless shelves tightly packed with books covering the walls. The books of every person in the world were there. He read his own book and almost fell into despair, seeing how it was thin and boring, representing an empty and short life. Thinking the grim reaper would claim his life after reading the book, he got rid of its cover and glued the first and last pages together. Now the book of his own life is an endless cycle, with no beginning or end. Although he saved himself, his life became a repetition of the same events.[1]


He hates books, since the boring written stories are only adaptations of the same ancient tales and myths, something repetitive like his own life. The old man regrets modifying the his Book of Lifetime. Condemned to live a tedious life, he hopes someone can destroy his endless book and put him out of his misery. He seems to visit the same bar, where he shares his story every time he gets himself drunk.[1]


He’s a frail-looking old man with bony face, dry skin and white, unkempt beard.[1] In the manga, he uses a walking stick and wears glasses, a dark fedora hat and a light scarf.[2]


Bar (manga)

The old man talks with Hugh.

Hugh is absorbed in reading a novel, sit at the counter of the bar next to the old man. The latter asks him if he likes books. The old man thinks the Book of Lifetime is the only book worthy to be read. While drinking, he tells Hugh about a childhood experience, when he was in a maze-like library and found the books representing the lives of every person in the world. He reveals how he modified the book of his own life in order to trick death and save himself. Now he regrets the decision, since he’s condemned to a boring life, a repetition of the same events. He asks Hugh to destroy his book if he ever lost himself in that library. Hugh makes the promise, watching the grateful man sleep on the counter, tired of crying and looking completely drunk.

The bartender fills Hugh’s glass as a sign of sympathy. After all, the old man always shares that story when he gets himself drunk. Hugh seems to contemplate the truth in his tale.[1]

In the manga, Rasiel and the Professor also listen to the old man’s story.[2]

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