The House-Elf's Rough Time
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Fragment 2

The Wandering Brownie

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Burauni no Junan



Release Date

June, 2009




Chapter 8 (manga)

"The House-Elf's Rough Time" is the 2nd fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 4. The special chapter is also labeled as The Wandering Brownie.

The fragment follows a house-elf having problems with his difficult owners.[1]


A house-elf was sealed inside a Phantom Book. It’s not a strong creature, but it helps his owner by granting modest wishes. The house-elf changed hands for many years, until he reached a black-haired little girl. After she read the entire Phantom Book, she asked the creature to organize the books of the mansion. The house-elf kept cleaning the dusky wet basement day after day without taking a break. However, the collection was so large that the job had no end. The house-elf was suffering, so he asked permission to leave for another owner. The little girl accepted with a stubborn tone.

His new owner happened to be around. She was a blonde young woman of innocent smile who dressed herself with Western clothes. After reading the Phantom Book, she asked the house-elf to clean and tidy up her house. The creature did his job, but the place was messy and muddy in the next evening, since the woman had invited a lot of children from the neighborhood. The house-elf worked until dawn, only to see the place looking like a battlefield again soon after. This time, the woman had brought stray dogs into the house. The next day, she tried to pilot her father’s decorative motorcycle around the mansion. The house-elf eventually got exhausted from all the cleaning and asked for a new owner, for the woman’s disappointment. Nonetheless, she prepared a huge farewell party.

Now the house-elf had to work for a foreign green-haired little girl. She read the Phantom Book, then explained how she’s after unfortunate people full of jealousy, grudge and hate so she can give them a Phantom Egg. The house-elf is asked to kill people in order to spread unhappiness and horror around the world, something necessary to create a Phantom Book. Completely frightened, the creature decided that he couldn’t work there. The green-haired little girl furiously dismissed him.

The house-elf fell in the hands of an unfriendly man dressed as a clergy. As a Book Burning Officer, he told the creature to destroy his own Phantom Book. The house-elf immediately asked for another owner. The man used his metallic cane to blow flames over the house-elf.

Running for his life, the slightly burned house-elf returned to the house of his first owner. The black-haired girl examined the Phantom Book and welcomed him back without expression. To this day, the house-elf cleans the books in the basement of the mansion.[1]

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