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Fiona’s great-grandfather is the first president of the Famenias Company and former owner of The Scent God’s Scripture. He is mentioned in The Perfumer story.


Fiona's past

Fiona mentioning her great-grandfather, as seen in the manga.

At first producing mostly soaps, the Famenias Company became a large, recognized cosmetic manufacturer after Fiona’s great-grandfather, the first president of the company, obtained The Scent God’s Scripture and started selling luxurious perfumes. The story of his success thanks to a book is well-known among perfumers and managers of the segment.

He recognized Fiona’s talent as a perfumer, choosing her to inherit The Scent God’s Scripture. The young woman receiving the secrets of the company resulted in good publicity. He taught her about Phantom Books and The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. She was told to never show the book to anyone. At some point, the presidency of the company was taken over by his grandson Mr. Famenias.[1]

In the manga, Fiona was motivated to produce perfumes after she had to move out from the family’s old building with her father, leaving behind the place containing the memories of her mother and great-grandfather. That’s the location of the latter’s laboratory, which Fiona used since young.[2]


He seemed confident having his great-granddaughter continuing his works as a perfumer. Fiona is sure he presented her with The Scent God’s Scripture so she could formulate a perfume to make people happy. This indicates he had artistic ideals like Fiona and was not so profit-oriented as Mr. Famenias.[1]


Fiona’s great-grandfather was never described in the original, nor appeared in the adaptations.


Meeting Mr. Famenias

Mr. Famenias mentioning Fiona's great-grandfather.

He’s mentioned when Mr. Famenias is telling Hugh and Dalian about the company’s story. It’s well-known that the business grew after Fiona’s great-grandfather obtained a foreign book, which become the Famenias Company logo. Soon after, Fiona admits she inherited a Phantom Book from him, even learning about The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. He had told her to never show the book to anyone. However, because Fiona had eaten Dalian’s fried bread, she changes her mind.[1]

In the manga, he’s mentioned during a flashback. Fiona and Mr. Famenias were moving out from the family’s old place. As a child, Fiona affirms she will produce perfumes that make people happy, so they could return to the building where her great-grandfather’s memories live.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • In the manga, he is Fiona's grandfather, rather than her great-grandfather.[2]

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