Book of Twilight
Episode 9
Episode 9

Episode 09: End of the Twilight World

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Tasogare no Sho


September 10, 2011

Adapted from

Chapter 3 (light novel 3)

Manga counterpart


"Book of Twilight" is the 9th episode of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian anime and the eleventh story shown in the adaptation. It's also known as Episode 09: End of the Twilight World. The episode is unique for presenting a different art style for most of it.

Hugh and Dalian are in a strange world where they must help the shaman apprentice Aira and the inhabitants of a town in their fight against giant winged insects.[1]


Hugh and Dalian reach a bleak fort inhabited only by crows. There is nothing they could do. That world was already on the verge of destruction.

Hugh Dalian Twilight (1)

Hugh and Dalian explore a desolate fort of a strange world.

Inside of a longhouse, an old woman is seen using a large pot to work on some type of bizarre concoction which requires even a bug as ingredient. She calls for Aira, but her granddaughter had left to obtain more ingredients, although she is seen happily going out of her way to pick some flowers. Aira sings while running to the town. An old man carrying a baby on his back thanks her for the herbs and remedies she brought. She watches the street through the window from inside his store. Salute affirms Tito will like the flowers she picked and adds that the Galeazzo Caravan should arrive in the evening. Blushing, Aira gets angry. She notices a couple wearing strange clothes outside. Hugh and Dalian had been wandering around the town since that morning.

Gianni's request

Gianni requests the Elder's help.

Aira was giving herbs to a serviceman to help his family, when Gianni appears to take her. He and his soldiers escort her out of the town. Gianni requires the strength of the old reciter, Aira’s grandmother. The young girl tries to run away, but she eventually is forced to guide them. The old woman doesn’t welcome them, since the sacred land was being tainted by the red-handed men. However, Gianni insists on asking her assistance. Winged insects devoured everyone at Micheaux Fortress. The Baziumu are invulnerable to swords or spears, so Gianni wishes to have the Yakatsu. Reluctantly, the old woman tells them to come get it the next day.

White flower

Aira finds the tree next to Hugh and Dalian.

The Chief Healer mentions a vine-like tree with white flowers in the northern forest. She asks Aira to pick half a basket of the tree’s leaves. The flowers would wilt after dark, hence she must be quick. The young girl searches the tree, when she hears a creature, then a gunshot. Hugh had scared a boar-like animal. Relieved, Aira finds the white flower next to him. Following her grandmother’s instructions, she uses two layers of gloves to pick the leaves of this poisonous plant. Hugh tries to touch it, but Dalian warns him about the danger. After filling her basket, Aira burns the gloves. Dalian tells her not to confront the winged insects as a mere apprentice. Hugh asks her if there’s a place with many books around the town. Aira mentions a printing workshop next to Salute’s house, on the street where Hugh and Dalian were walking earlier. Dalian is angry for being taken deeply into the forest. She heads back to the town with Hugh, while Aira returns to her grandmother’s house.

Yakatsu (2)

The Elder produces the Yakatsu.

The old woman prepares the Yakatsu. Worried about Tito, Aira wants to go to the town. Her grandmother gives her a good-luck charm to be thrown at her enemies. She’s almost at her destination, when she witnesses some explosions damaging the houses. The townsfolk had already evacuated. The Baziumu were flying over the place. One of the creatures breaks out from Salute’s store. The apprentice hits the winged insect with a bottle of Yakatsu, to no avail. Hugh appears to help her, using his revolver to shoot the beasts. However, only the fumigant he cooked is effective. Some sort of white mist envelops the Baziumu, making them disappear. He wonders if the creatures escaped from the barrier he and Dalian set around the printing workshop. Aira is worried about the inhabitants of the town, but Hugh comforts her, saying there are carriage tracks leading to the mountains. Dalian discovers that the Baziumu broke out because someone was carrying books in a carriage.

The three head to the mountains. Gianni blames the Chief Healer, who didn’t hand over the Yakatsu right away, for the deaths during the Baziumu attack. Aira explains the poison doesn’t work on the giant insects. Furthermore, the Yakatsu was not available until now. Tito sides with her. The captain condemns him for buying the books and bringing the creatures to the town. They see Hugh and Dalian examining the carriage filled with books. Hugh tells them to leave the place. However, the Baziumu were already upon them. Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the Labyrinth Library. As he reads the Book of the Sage, a white mist climbs up to the night sky. The insects disappear in a flash of light. Aira wants to learn about Phantom Books from the Biblioprincess. However, Hugh and Dalian came to that world only to solve the problem they caused. It was their time to leave. They would meet again whenever Dalian opened the book. Aira blushes when Dalian affirms Tito shall be bossed around by her. Hugh and Dalian disappear. Aira and Tito hold hands and watch the sunrise together. She runs to hug her grandmother.

Hugh is seen moving stacks of books during a rainy night. Dalian reproves Hugh for allowing silverfish to consume the pages. He separated all the books that need repairs and fumigation. Attracted by the rain, the insects were eating the stories inside the books. Dalian says she’s too busy to help him. She opens the Book of Twilight containing the story of Grand Sage Aira, keeping the promise to meet her.

Ira the Sage

Dalian reads the book about Aira.

Trivia Edit

  • Japanese animator and director Osamu Kobayashi is responsible for the unusual art style of the episode used to represent the world inside a book. He's criticized for the visuals of Episode 4 of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, another production from studio Gainax.
    • In September 2011, when the episode was released, Gainax featured one of his illustrations on its website.[2] The image shows Hugh, Dalian, Gianni, Tito, Aira and her grandmother. The latter appears with earrings that are not seen throughout the episode.
Osamu Kobayashi illustration

Osamu Kobayashi's illustration.


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