The Mystic Archives of Rasiel
Episode 11
Episode 11

Extra Episode 02: Bibliotheca Razielis Archangeli

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Rajieru no Shoka


September 24, 2011

Adapted from

Chapter 5 (light novel 2)

Manga counterpart


"The Mystic Archives of Rasiel" is the 11th episode of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian anime and the thirteenth story shown in the adaptation. It's also known as Extra Episode 02: Bibliotheca Razielis Archangeli. The episode is unique for showing Hugh during the Great War, before the events of the first episode.

Ilas is an aircraft pilot who writes poems inspired by the voices of his enemies. The potential of his work draws the attention of Rasiel, a mysterious girl involved with the Phantom Books.[1]


Armand excitedly brings the simulated combat between two Allied pilots to the Pilot Officer’s notice. The superior is surprised, knowing that Welling is being overwhelmed by a rookie that just graduated from flight school. When Hugh lands after his victory, the Pilot Officer tries to start a conversation while writing poetry, mentioning how the biplane Camel tends to lurch to the right when the control stick is released. The rookie ignores the remark and arrogantly affirms he would beat his score in three months. However, Ilas gains his respect after recognizing Hugh and himself as men unsuitable for war. The Pilot Officer is able to read someone’s mind based on how they fly. As Hugh shakes hand with his superior, a golden key is shown hanging on his chest.

Months later, the Faceless Phantom is reciting a poem and piloting his German airplane to chase the terrified Allied pilots. The ace writes, inspired after eliminating his targets, until his aircraft is hit. Hugh engages in combat, asking why Ilas was doing that. The Faceless Phantom is almost shooting him down, but Hugh avoids a critical damage when he reaches for his golden key. Because the control stick was released, the Camel escaped to the right.

A man pours whisky to Ilas, who appears in German uniform in a bar. The barkeeper knows about the Allied plans. They discuss about the war and Ilas expresses his wish to keep fighting. He’s writing a collection of poems based on the voices of his enemies that he can hear during the battle. He suffers as a strange image comes to his mind. Ilas sees himself in the middle of a destroyed city and a mysterious girl laughing. A lock hides her left eye.

Soon after, the same girl shows up in his room. Ilas’ memory is fuzzy, but he can tell they have met before. While dancing and floating around the place, Rasiel reveals to be interested in the progress of Ilas’ poetry book. His ability to read the enemies’ minds meant that he was using the power of a Phantom Egg, a Phantom Book about to be born from the powerful human emotions caused by the war. Rasiel enjoys the war for producing the madness that brings forth the Phantom Books. She hopes Ilas’ poems will eventually be worthy to be sealed in The Mystic Archives of Rasiel. Hugh is shown looking at a photo of himself next to Ilas, pondering about him.

Ilas dreams with the recurrent chaotic image. When he wakes up, he can feel that the enemies would come. A flashback shows Hugh and Ilas discussing about their past. When he was a child, Ilas was working in a mine when he found the article about the first successful flight. While playing basketball one-on-one, they appear testing each other with facts about the history of aviation.

The Allies bombard the base below. However, Ilas counterattacks fiercely in his airplane, destroying the enemies while reciting. A giant ghost is shown to represent his brutal offensive. Hugh joins the battle, reading the first poem he heard from Ilas. As Hugh explains, Ilas is supposed to be dead. The latter was in Paris with his beloved when the city was attacked. Ilas doesn’t believe him. His eyes are red and his lips form a deranged smile. With tears in his eyes, Hugh shoots him down.

  • As a child, Ilas found an article about the first successful flight.
  • Hugh and Ilas play basketball.
  • Hugh and Ilas' past.
  • The Faceless Phantom counterattacks.
  • The Faceless Phantom counterattacks.
  • Hugh reads Ilas' first poetry collection.
  • Ilas' red eyes.
  • Hugh maneuvers behind Ilas.
  • Hugh cries for Ilas.
  • Hugh shoots Ilas down.

Rasiel and the barkeeper, referred as “the Professor”, watch the remains of Ilas’ airplane. They didn’t predict the existence of another collection of poems. While piloting the Camel, Hugh notices their presence below. He had used Ilas’ first book as a Phantom Egg. Rasiel wonders if he’s the key-keeper of another library. Ilas appears from the burning wreckage. His compilation of poems was lost, so he wants to start writing again. However, Rasiel affirms he wouldn’t have a second chance. Her soft touch makes him collapse. The Professor reveals himself as the one who raised him from the grave. Failing to complete a Phantom Book, now Ilas had no use for them. His body disappears when the Professor removes a bookmark from between the pages of a Phantom Book.

Hugh burns Ilas’ first book, but he seems frustrated when his photo is also destroyed. Since fire is prohibited, he’s scolded by Armand. Hugh receives a letter from him. Armand is astonished when his superior discards the Victoria Cross before leaving the base. The letter informs about Wesley’s death. Hugh tries to open the main door of the Disward estate using a golden key.[1]


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