The Mystic Archives of Dantalian
Light novel cover 1
Cover of the first volume

Written by

Gakuto Mikumo

Illustrated by


Original run

April 2008 - April 2011
November 1, 2008 - July 1, 2011


Mystery, Fantasy, Gothic fiction, Magic, Adventure, Supernatural




35 (+ 15 special chapters)

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian (ダンタリアンの書架 Dantalian no Shoka) or Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian is a light novel written by Gakuto Mikumo and illustrated by G-Yuusuke with 8 volumes and 35 story arcs, excluding special chapters.

It was serialized by Kadokawa Shoten from April 2008 to April 2011 in The Sneaker (ザ・スニーカー Za Sunīkā), a Japanese light novel magazine. The complete volumes were released by the same company between November 2008 and July 2011.

The light novel was adapted into manga and anime. A 9th volume was planned as a special issue in January 2012, but it was cancelled. Usually, there is at least one illustration per chapter. The chapters are labelled with an episode number, indicating its position in the series chronology. Each volume has 280 pages, on average. The last pages have the author's notes. As seen in its adaptations, it shows moments of mystery and suspense, with occasional comical situations caused by the exchange between the dual protagonists. Elements of fantasy happen when the characters interact with the Phantom Books.


Hugh Anthony Disward inherits the old mansion of his late grandfather with one condition: he must take over The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, or Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian, the Library guarded by an apparently young girl called Dalian. Hugh must act as her key-keeper and solve the cases involving Phantom Books, books that provide its reader with the power of demons.

Volumes Edit

Volume 1 Release date: November 1, 2008
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 1
Chapter 1 Worship of Gourmet Food 美食礼賛
Chapter 2 Pedigree 血統書
Chapter 3 Book of Wisdom 叡智の書
Special Chapter 1 The Dictator's Book 独裁者の書
Chapter 4 Turn-Up Book 仕掛け絵本
Special Chapter 2 The Lifetime Book 天寿の書
Chapter 5 The Book Burners 焚書官
Volume 2 Release date: January 1, 2009
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 2
Chapter 1 The Thorn Princess 茨姫
Chapter 2 Queen of the Night 月下美人
Special Chapter 1 The Lovers 恋人たち
Chapter 3 The Book of Equivalence 等価の書
Chapter 4 Book of Fetus 胎児の書
Special Chapter 2 The Gambler's Fallacy 必勝法
Chapter 5 The Mystic Archives of Rasiel ラジエルの書架
Volume 3 Release date: May 1, 2009
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 3
Chapter 1 The Book of Soul Exchange 換魂の書
Chapter 2 The Book of Oblivion 忘却の書
Chapter 3 The Book of Twilight 黄昏の書
Special Chapter 1 The Book of Sleep 眠りの書
Chapter 4 The Magician's Daughter 魔術師の娘
Special Chapter 2 The World According to a Beauty 美女の世界
Chapter 5 The Book of Atonement 償いの書
Volume 4 Release date: January 1, 2010
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 4
Chapter 1 The Folding Book 間隙の書
Chapter 2 The Phantom Score 幻曲
Chapter 3 The Book of Forever 連理の書
Special Chapter 1 The Book of Hypnosis 催眠の書
Chapter 4 The Perfumer 調香師
Special Chapter 2 The Passion of the House Elf 屋敷妖精の受難
Chapter 5 The Phantom Book Thief 幻書泥棒
Volume 5 Release date: May 1, 2010
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 5
Chapter 1 Timetable 時刻表
Special Chapter 1 Waterside Flower 水辺の花
Chapter 2 The Cat and the Princess 猫と読姫
Special Chapter 2 The Book of Fools 愚者の書
Chapter 3 The Logbook 航海日誌
Special Chapter 3 The Observer 観測者
Chapter 4 The Book of Connection つながりの書
Volume 6 Release date: December 1, 2010
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 6
Chapter 1 The Book of Prototype 雛形の書
Special Chapter 1 The Working Man 働く男
Chapter 2 The Book of Pivot 柩の書
Special Chapter 2 The Real Me 本当の私
Chapter 3 The Book of Humanization 人化の書
Chapter 4 Paradise 楽園
Volume 7 Release date: April 1, 2011
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 7
Chapter 1 Disaster and Temptation 災厄と誘惑
Special Chapter 1 Catalogue 型録
Chapter 2 Book of Wisdom II 叡智の書II
Chapter 3 The Girls' Long Night 少女たちの長い夜
Special Chapter 2 The Book of Imitation 模倣の書
Chapter 4 The Key-Keeper 鍵守
Volume 8 Release date: July 1, 2011
Cover Chapters
Light novel cover 8
Chapter 1 The Phantom Book of the King 王の幻書
Chapter 2 The Last Book 最後の書
Chapter 3 The Vignette of Eternal Twilight 永き黄昏のヴィネット

Featured covers Edit

During its publication, The Mystic Archives of Dantalian was featured three times in the cover of The Sneaker magazine, always with an illustration of Dalian. The first time occurred in 2009, during the chapters corresponding to volume 4. After that, the series was featured in the August 2010 issue cover, with chapters that later would be part of volume 6. This time, Flamberge and Rasiel were also shown, next to Dalian. The Black Biblioprincess appeared in the cover of the second to last issue of The Sneaker, before the magazine ceased publication in April 2011. The last chapter of volume 7 was released on that occasion.

Trivia Edit

  • The books seen in the cover of volume 4 are titles of tragedies and comedies by William Shakespeare: The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, The Taming of the Shrew, Titus Andronicus, etc.
  • Volume 8 advertises the anime release.
  • Dalian is shown in every cover.
  • The Mystic Archives of Dantalian is compared with the Gosick series, also published by Kadokawa Shoten. Both are set in Europe after World War I and have dual protagonists, including a rude girl with a doll-like appearance that spend her days reading difficult books and that eventually shows a warmer side.