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Nickname(s)/Alias(es) Black Biblioprincess (Kuro Yomihime)
Actor Miyuki Sawashiro
Keykeeper Huey
Status alive

Dalian (ダリアン Darian) is the Kuro Yomihime (黒読姫, literally "Black Reading Princess"), or Black Biblioprincess and is the custodian of the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian housing 900,666 phantom books. Her Keykeeper is Huey.


Dalian's background is not particularly expanded upon in the anime adaptation. What little is known of her is that her previous keykeeper was Huey's grandfather, and that the 'girl inside' had previously interacted with Huey as a child. Additionally, many characters seem to know Dalian (or know of her), which implies that she is much older than she appears -- possibly centuries old.


Dalian appears in both the light novel/manga and the anime adaptation as a young girl with long, dark-purple hair. Both versions are often seen carrying or reading a book. However, there are several differences between the two versions.

Light novel and mangaEdit

In the light novel and manga version of Dantalian no Shoka, Dalian typically wears a mob cap with a black and red tea gown. She wears a padlock chained to her neck, which serves as the lock to the bibliotecha. Her eyes are a shade of red, unlike in the anime adaptation.


In the anime adaptation, Dalian wears a black, Victorian-style dress rather than a tea gown, and her mob cap is replaced by a small tiara. Her padlock necklace is replaced by a smaller, more ornate pendant, but its purpose remains the same. Unlike in the light novel, Dalian's eyes are a dark shade of pink, rather than red.


Dalian tends to be flippant and rude to everybody, in particular Huey. However, despite this, she becomes jealous or possessive whenever Huey interacts with another woman, for instance Camilla.

She is shown to have a sweet tooth, placing great importance on buns, scones, and tea. This is often used by Camilla to bribe Dalian.


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