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Dalian (ダリアン Darian) is the Kuro Yomihime (黒読姫, literally "Black Reading Princess"), or Black Biblioprincess and is the custodian of the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian housing 900,666 phantom books. Her Keykeeper is Huey.


While she is mostly rude, mean and calls people names (especially to Huey), she gets very clingy and jealous when Huey is near another woman. Her only shown weakness is sweets, especially scones with tea, which Camilla uses to bribe her with. She generally considers herself of great importance and believes to be more knowledgeable than most humans, always praising others in an presumptuous manner when they exhibit more wisdom than she anticipated.


She looks like a young girl with long black, tinted purple hair and dark pink eyes. Dalian looks way younger than her actual age as she may be hundreds of years old. As seen in episode 5, she says that she didn't expect someone like a magician of such power to be in this day and age and the fact that most of the characters know her, even if she's never seen them before. She wears a tiara and a black dress and since she loves to read, she is usually seen reading a book.



Dalian is first seen reading a book

She is first seen asking Huey what he was doing at the mansion after he mistook her for a doll. After he tells her that he has to inherit the mansion and the library, she looked shocked at this. She becomes angry when he thought that the name "Dalian" from the letter was a pet name and kicked Huey, telling him Dalian was her name. In the kitchen, she asks Huey if she was a soldier but he replies saying that he was just a pilot. Dalian states that Wesley was a fine human and

Dalian's shock at the letter

Huey is relieved, saying he wasn't completely alone. Dalian smells a bun in his coat and asked for some sugar to eat it with and they sit down to talk about the library. Dalian begins to explain the Phantom Books and that they didn't belong in the world but Huey just laughs, saying that it was an interesting story. Dalian gets mad at this but notices that he has the Key and asks where he got it. However, they are interupted by the arival of Huey's escort and

Dalian and Huey at Conrad's mansion

they make their way to Mr.Conrad's mansion. On the way there she explains the proof that he was the one who killed Wesley. They arrive and soon after they find the escort dead and a knife thrower but Huey dodges and takes out his gun. Dalian is shocked that he carries a gun and Huey shoots it and it quickly turns to dust and this happens again when they meet a lion. She warns that there may be snakes of clowns around and tells him

Huey about to unlock the library

more about the Phantom Books. A dragon suddenly appears and attacks them. Huey tells Dalian to hurry to the study since she knows how to seal the Phantom Books while he distracts it. She is shocked at this and tells him to take out the key and read the pledge and he does so. Huey takes the key and turns the lock on her chest,

Huey takes Dalian's hand in his

opening a hole and he pushes his hand inside her and takes out a Phantom Book. He then reads it, destroying the dragon and they make their way to the study. After they seal the Phantom Book, Dalian says she's hungry and they walk outside. Huey holds his hand infront of her and Dalian says that she has no choice but to go with him. Dalian and Huey are seen in Estella's home sometime after the above events. She apologizes, asking if it was rude of her to send a cheque in the letter but Huey rubs it off, saying he has
Dantalian no shoka

Dalian's furious look at Huey

taken over his grandfather's work. However, Dalian tells Estella that he was just beguiled by the cheque that was in the letter. Huey ignores her, saying that he was given compensation so he cannot refuse her request. Estella leaves Huey and Dalian alone to determine the value of the books and Huey asks her what she thought. Dalian states that Estella has the body of a child and Huey asks her why she thought she was living out in the middle of nowhere by herself. She asks him if he was concerned about that "childish body" and he says yes and she asks(with a low voice) if her hairstyle was the thing that attracted him. They are interupted by a man who introduces himself as Martin Geese (Estella's cousin). He tells Huey and Dalian about the curse that a Phantom Book has brought upon Estella and because of said curse, all of her fiance's have been murdered including her parents. He adds that all of these people tried one way or another to get Estella out of the mansion. Later that evening, Huey comes into his room to find Dalian there and questions her about the curse.

Huey sees Estella and Martin from the window

She states that Phantom Books are nothing but a record of knowledge, so there was no way it would bring a curse on his owner. Huey tells her that there are many people who believe it and she simply states that they must be idiots. He notices Estella and Martin walking outside and Dalian asks if they're in an immoral relationship but he states that Martin was married. She says that's exactly what she meant, telling him that he must be dissapointed but he doesn't understand. After the Carillon begins to play music then they hear someone scream and when they reach outside they see Martin's dead corpse with a monster holding him and it jumps to the rooftop and escapes. He tells Estella what happened, but

Dalian talks with Huey the next morning

she doesn't really look like she cares, only apologizing to her grandmother for her bloodstained clothes. The next day, Dalian goes on to explain that the monster was actually a golem and that the Book of Fetus made it and wonders aloud who the master was. Huey doesn't understand and she tells him that since golems lack the intelligence to make dicisons they usually take orders from someone else through the use of the 72 holy letters of the Sham-ha-mephorash, so in other words someone ordered the golem to kill Martin. Back at library, they look for the Phantom Book and Dalian finds a book on the Lilburn's family history. She says that Colonel Lilburns wife was the descendant of immigrants who exiled from their homeland because of a serial murder case on their property. They are then joined by Estella, who now calls Hugh by his nickname Huey. She insists he calls her Estella instead of "Miss Lilburn" and Dalian watches silently as Estella stabs Huey with her knife just as the golem crashes through the wall. Estella is revealed to

Dalian gives Huey permission to open the gate

be the one who was responsible for all the murders and since the Colonel knew that his daughter was a natural-born killer, he created a golem to dispose of the bodies. Soon after, Huey opens the library and takes out two volumes and reads both, callapsing after saying it was hard to read two books at the same time. The golem stands up even after being shot with lightning and Huey asks Dalian if they're any Phantom Books written in media other than text. She replies saying Braille, Morse Code and Incan quipu are good examples. So he comes up with an idea reading the Books again this time lightning strikes the carillon making it fall towards them. Estella says that she'll stay since she

"It was done on a whim."

will be with everyone else and everything falls untop of her, killing her. Dalian and Huey are seen back at the mansion and Huey tells her that he doesn't believe the family was cursed because humans can only curse other humans. She suggests that she was probably raised in a strict household and that that may be the cause of her personality. He asks her what she did to her hair. She replies, telling him it was done on a whim and he just laughs at this. Huey and Dalian are next seen in a library. She calls him for something

Dalian's reaction to Camilla's sweets

but he tells her to wait because he was looking at a new mystery novel. So she purposfully tells him what will happen in the book and laughs at his reaction. They get into a fight but are interupted by Camilla who greets and Huey notices her(since they were childhood friends). Dalian clings to him and ignores her until Camilla says that she will have sweets if they come to her villa. So Dalian says that they must hurry and go to the residence of the woman in "hysterical clothing". They go to her villa Camilla tells them about Mildred and how she put up a school to compete with her's(she runs a school for children) while Dalian tries to get Camilla
Dantalian no Shoka - 03 - Large 13

Huey and Dalian arrive at the location of the children

to give her some scones and tea. After she tells them that Mildred found a Phantom Book(The Book of Knowledge) and used it to make her students smarter but it changed them and they became too smart for her so she locked herself in her house, they decided to go to Mildred's house. Mildred tells them where to find the children with the Book and they head to their location. However, the children there say that they wouldn't be so stupid turn to crime so they will just live out their lives and Huey
Dantalian no Shoka - 03 - Large 18

Dalian watering the plant

and Dalian take the book and burn it. Dalian is later seen watering some type of plant in the green house at the mansion and is joined by Huey. She tells him that the plant was raised by Wesley and they waited thirteen years for it to bloom and Huey comments that that was crazy. He says that Camilla sent her a package, which contained swiss chocolates and Dalian tells him to go and prepare tea because she will eat all if he doesn't want (with a blush on her face). They notice the bell ring and go to the front door to find two men who claim that they were from the Gladstone Company and said they had something
Dantalian no Shoka - 03 - Large 23

Dalian held hostage

for Weasley and Huey tells them he was already dead. One of the men come up to show Huey the item but attacks him and Huey easily beats him. However, the other one held Dalian hostage so he had to listen to what they had to say. The robbers said they were looking for a book called the Queen of Night and tie them up, searching the library for the book. Meanwhile, Dalian complains to Huey saying how it was embarrasing to have been captured by a
Dantalian no Shoka - 03 - Large 27

Huey and Dalian held hostage

"couple of idiots", stating he was stupid and tone deaf but he says he doesn't understand how "tone deaf" was relevant. They couldn't find it so they directly ask Huey and Dalian and in the process one of them knocked over the book Dalian was reading. She yells at him saying that he shouldn't leave a book open face down because it could damage it, calling him a "red haired monkey". The man just steps on the book and the other one came in saying that he couldn't find the book and is seen eating her chocolate(causing her to throw another fit). After, Huey says he doesn't know where it is, the man hits him in the face with his gun and Dalian shows concern at this. One of the robbers went to check the back and Dalian warns him not to but this only makes them want to go(since
Dantalian no Shoka2

Huey and Dalian run to the green house

they thought she was hiding the book there). They hear one of the robbers scream and the other one goes to check while they get out of the ropes they were in. They run to the green house but hear the other robber scream and Dalian states it is too late to save them. At the green house, Dalian explains that the plant's name is the Queen of Night that's from a rare carnivorous species in Africa that is said to have the memories of the people it eats on the pages of the book that is used to attract it's prey. She also adds that she really wanted to read it

Dalian with Huey and Camilla

and Huey finishes her sentence, saying she'll have to wait another thirteen years. They are seen the next day talking with Camilla. Huey tells her that the robbers were gone and that he felt sorry about what happenened to them but Dalian disagrees, saying they got what they deserved because they damaged one of her favourites. Huey misunderstands, thinking she was talking about her destroyed book, telling she must really like it. Dalian just looks away and Camilla is the only one who seems to understand
Dantalian shoka image

Dalian visually upset about the book

what Dalian really mean't. Dalian is seen reading a book called the Crown of the Dog Days but is visually upset because only the first two books were sent in the mail. Huey states that the author, Lenny Lents, was killed before he could finish the third book. Dalian expresses her shock telling Huey about Ignatius and Dyer(two people from the book)asking what would happen to their love. Huey asks her if they were both men and Dalian says that gender is a minor obstacle in the face of true love. He then tells her that he recieved a letter from Lenny that was meant for his grandfather, which asked to free him from a book that had

Huey and Dalian meet Paula

imprisoned him. Dalian tells him to hurry up so they could go to Lenny's residence and when they arrive, they find a woman outside. Huey introduces himself along with Dalian, telling the woman they were stopping by because his grandfather was aquainted with Lenny. Dalian just watches quietly as Huey and the lady have their conversation and after asks her if he was writing the book she wanted. She replies saying Lenny was working on it asking Dalian if she wanted to find out what happened to their love and she replies with her signature "yes" stating that was why she went through such frigid temperatures. She tells them that they should come back tomorrow to meet with him and Huey calls her "Miss" but she corrects him, saying it

"In memory of my loving wife."

was "Mrs" and claims to be Paula Lents, Lenny's wife. Huey and Dalian go back to the car and Dalian states that Lenny's wife should be dead and Huey asks if she wasn't his wife, who was she. They return that night and go down a pathway to a room but Dalian slips and falls, only to have someone's body fall on her. She screams and runs behind Huey, who says that the man there was Lenny Lents and they hear a woman's voice. She is revealed to be Lenny's lover and she asks them to come the next night to save Lenny. Huey goes to the post office the next day to pick up a letter while Dalian is seen in his car, commenting on the sweet she was eating, saying it didn't taste good. They arrive at Lenny's residence to meet with Paula who begins to praise Lenny's work. Paula gets more specific, saying something about a line that Dyer said in the book, naming the chapter and book but Dalian corrects her saying she was wrong. Huey tries to avoid conflict by saying that Paula was just testing Dalian to see if she knew and Paula agrees saying that she will take them to Lenny's study as a reward. Dalian's only answer was crushing Huey's foot with her own and they arrive at the study to find the real
Dantalian no Shoka - 04 - Large 15

Dalian inspecting the letter outside

Lenny inside. Soon after, Lenny signs Dalian's book while slipping a secret letter under it and they both go outside and talk about the events that happened, while Paula looks at them from the house. They return that same night only to find Lenny's lover dead and are caught by Paula who appears behind Lenny, who was in the doorway. She tells Huey to take out his gun and throw it on the ground and then shoots Lenny with her shotgun telling him to hurry. After, both Huey and Dalian are locked in a cell and Paula is revealed to have been suspected of killing Lenny because she was so obsessive that she sent him lots of letters, harrased his friends and lovers and even invaded his home. Paula says that everything she did was for Lenny's work because he "didn't understand" how the story was meant to end, so she decided to him and shoots Lenny in the head killing him, causing his lover to be revived. Paula shoots Lenny and his lover over and
Dantalian no Shoka - 04 - Large 26

Dalian explains the Phantom Book

over again (bringing Lenny back to life by taking the life of his lover, thus the Phantom book is the "Book of Soul Exchange"). Dalian explains that a resurrection with that Phantom Book will always be incomplete because in order to bring one to life, another one's life must be taken but the revived body will rot after one day. Eventually the gun runs out of bullets(she was using Huey's not her own) so Lenny got a chance to speak, saying she didn't love his work. Paula simply states that she will have to teach him some more and picks up her shutgun, repeatedly hitting him over the head with it. While doing this she shouts, telling him to remember how the plot should develop saying that Dyer will not die and that August will not marry that "hag" Susan and a bunch of other things. Dalian speaks calling her pitiful because she went to such lenghts for a
Dantalian no Shoka - 04 - Large 28

Dalian and Huey watch as Paula is killed

side character like August, saying he counln't even put a candle to Dyer and that that "fool" should learn his place. Paula gets angry and looks to hit Lenny again but he holds the gun in time, so she shutguns him to the head, blowing his head straight off. Paula smiles in victory but is shocked to see that both Lenny and his lover got up and Dalian asks her if she knew what tolerance was. They got up because they gained a tolerance to death itself. Lenny and his lover merge together and despite Paula's effort, she couldn't land a single blow on it and it kills her as she screams. This event knocks the keys to the front of the cell and Huey and
Dantalian no Shoka - 04 - Large 33
Dalian get out and he says that there was no need to open the Library. Huey then prays that they recieve eternal peace and Dalian says "Amen". The next day, Dalian recieves the third book in the mail but is upset because it didn't turn out like she wanted. So she decides that they should continue Lenny's work for him, stating that Huey has no choice but to help her and throws the pages out into the street. Huey and Danlian are seen cleaning the mansion when someone visits their residence. His name was Armand, who seemed to know Huey since he was a pilot, calling him "lieutenant" and asks him to borrow a Phantom Book. Dalian complains about how so many people are asking for them. They ride through the city and Huey tells Armand to stop calling him lieutenant and he apologizes and asks if they should take a child to a brothel but Huey shakes it off, saying he shouldn't mind her. Dalian simply states that she wishes to meet the woman who asked for the Phantom

Dalian and Huey arrive to get the letter

Books. Huey explains that she was a courtesan who has earned many names and had captured the heart of Armand Jeremiah, the heir to the Jeremiah conglomerate and her name was Viola Duplessis. Dalian says that she always thought he had an interest in those kinds of things and he simply states that she was the one who was interested and Dalian adds that men were all the same. They arrive at a mansion to pick up a letter for Viola's location and Huey states that Viola wanted the Black Yomihime to meet her at her residence, even though she doesn't give out her location. When they arrive they
Dantalian no Shoka - 05 - Large 08

Huey, Dalian and Armand meet Viola

find Viola on her balcony and when she turns around she is seen crying and says it was embarrassing but she was looking at the moon when tears welled up in her eyes. Armand loudlyshouts that he envied the moon and Dalian says that they should stop their little performance. Armand introduces them and Dalian demands that she tell them why she wanted the Phantom Books from the men who proposed to her and Huey calls out the books she requested. Viola apologizes saying that she knew who Dalian really was but she didn't think it existed and Dalian asks her how she knew. Viola says that she couldn't remember anything besides the three years she's been in the town. Soon after, they are attacked by a monster who couldn't get damaged by normal attacks as Huey tried to shoot it but it had no effect. The monster tells her it won't be long and that the count will be coming on the next full moon to bring her back and flys away. Huey catches Viola who was about to faint and he wonders aloud why the made a warning with no advance notice but Viola states that she too couldn't understand what it meant. Dalian guesses that she would
Dantalian no Shoka - 05 - Large 14

Dalian tells Huey a story

have used the Phantom Books to fight against the count and soon after, tells Viola that they'll be back on the next full moon. On the night of the full moon, Huey states that Viola was very popular and hopes it won't turn into a bloodbath. Dalian asks him if he knows about the Tail of the Bamboo Cutter and tells him the story, saying that men allow themselves to be wrapped around a womans finger. Armand says that it'll be fine since he has a Phantom book and meets up with four other men who altogether make up the five Phantom Books that are needed to protect Viola. Viola comes into the room and thanks them for coming but is soon interupted by a man who is seen floating above them. He says he has no buisiness with the men there and turns the men's blood into boiling mercury and goes to Viola asking if she forgot his power. She calls him "father" and Dalian claims it was a touching reunion and states that he wasn't using a Phantom Book. He tells Viola that the experimaent was finished and he wanted to examine her body. Some men tried to save her but it
Dantalian no Shoka - 05 - Large 22

Huey protects Dalian

was futile and he summons his "sisters"(what he calls the monsters) who kill most of the remaining men in the room. Huey protects Dalian and in the process gets a cut on his arm and asks her if she was sure it wasn't a Phantom Book causing it. Dalian states that he was a real magician and appeared on the full moon because magic is at it's stongest on a full moon. He introduces himself as Melgar, who gained the title of count ages ago by a king and researches methods of liberation from mortality. He tells Dalian it was an honor to meet her and Dalian says she didn't expect a magician like him to still be alive and he thanks her, telling her to watch as he retrieved his daughter. After Armand's Phantom Book is revealed to be fake, Melgar looks to attack the men that remained but Viola takes the attack instead. She is revealed to be a homunculus created by Melgar through alchemy, to see how human his artificial humans could
Dantalian no Shoka - 05 - Large 34

"Drop dead."

become. However, the men still intend to protect Viola and looks to land his ultimate attack on them. Dalian gives Huey permission to open the gate and takes out all five Phantom Books for each of the four men, including Armand, to read. Melgar says that he is defeated and tells Viola that if she could find love in an immortal body then that's a good thing and disappears into a portal. Dalian tells him to "drop dead" and are seen after the attack. Armand and the other four men wait for Viola to make her choice of who she
Dantalian no Shoka - 05 - Large 36

Dalian's blush as she looks at Huey

wants to marry but it is revealed that she met someone after they proposed to her. She drives away in a carriage with the man after thanking them, leaving the five men in dismay. Huey says you could tell she was a magicians daugter and Dalian tells him that the heart of a woman is much more complicated than some Phantom Book. After, she looks at Huey with a slight blush on her face. Huey and Dalian are seen in
Dantalian no Shoka - 07 - Large 08

Huey and Dalian at the bakery

a bakery to buy some buns, which Dalian claims to be the 'best'. After waiting for hours they finally get it, only to meet up with a woman who says that some bad people were chasing her. The woman steals their buns and says she knew Huey was a good person. Huey protects the woman and asks her to give him back the buns but she refuses, running away. Unfortunately, she trips over someone's bag, sending

Dalian's horror over her lost buns

her and the buns crashing to the floor which Dalian displays utter horror at. They are seen at her father's residence and she is revealed to be a woman named Fiona who is a talented perfumer of the Famenias of London, a company that sells cosmetics. It is revealed that the founder of the company had found a book and got the idea to sell perfume and since Fiona's father didn't have the talent to be a perfume maker,
Dantalian no Shoka - 07 - Large 15

Huey and Dalian

Fiona got the book instead. Soon after they are interupted by a man who said that the Padauk Firm came to see the President. The Padauk Firm is revealed to be a mercantile on the surface but in reality they're involved in smuggling, blackmail and opium trade. Huey and Dalian go to Fiona to learn more info about the book she has and after a
Dantalian no Shoka - 07 - Large 20

Dalian tries to evade Fiona's civet

conversation on perfume, asks her to show them it. However, they are interupted by a man who asks for something called relic which Fiona expresses her shock at, asking how he knew about it. After, they rush to the President because the Padauk Firm was going to kill him. However, they are too late because when they arrive they find the president dead with two men asking for Relic. Relic is revealed to be a perfume that was a mistake while making Blue Trance that drives away all the pain and sorrow in ones life including physical pain as shown when Huey fought one of them, only to destroy the perfume with his gun. After Fiona
Wake up!!!

Dalian wakes up Huey

risked her life to save Huey, she reconises who they really were because of how they used Phantom Books to heal her injury. However soon after Fiona sprays a special type of perfume on Huey's face that causes him to knock out. Dalian awakens him and they arrive at where she was, only to find out she had been shot. She collapses to the ground and Dalian is seen to be worried about her saying they should get a doctor and everything would be fine. Fiona sees through this saying Dalian was lying
Burning building

Huey and Dalian watch as the building burns

and thanks her and Huey for their concern before dying. They are seen outside watching as the building burned to the ground and smell the scent of Fiona's perfume that she hadn't been able to complete. Huey asks Dalian what she remembered when she smelt that scent but she doesn't answer.


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