The House-Elf
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Chapter 8

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February 26, 2012



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Fragment 2 (light novel 4)

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"The House-Elf" is the 8th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga.

Hugh feels sick while organizing his grandfather's collection. Dalian takes care of him while he's in a feverish state.[1]


Hugh was working on a list of books to dispose. After all, the old mansion was filled with his grandfather’s collection. However, the young man rests on a sofa, feeling sick. Although he wants to light the furnace to raise the room temperature, he’s unable to move his cold limbs. Hugh feels Dalian’s presence nearby. She orders small creatures to remove the germs and set the fire. Hugh sees them as lumps of black shade. One of them tries to eat his golden key, but Dalian stops him in time. She places him back inside a Phantom Book.

The Biblioprincess places her hand on the forehead of a feverish Hugh. He wonders why she wasn’t going out with Camilla. Before he can think about it, he sees the giant hand of a monster. Dalian addresses the mysterious being, saying that he shouldn’t have come out, leaving the Archive empty. She tells him not to worry, since she would return soon. Hugh watches the exchange, doubting about the little girl’s identity. He tries to reach her and prevent her from leaving, only to wake up from his feverish state.

Dalian’s face was almost touching his. Puzzled, Hugh suddenly gets up, pushing her to the floor in the process. Dalian was worried about him before, but now she wanted to hit him. Camilla holds her back. The girls brought chocolate as a gift to him. Hugh doesn’t know what part of his experience was a dream and what was reality. Dalian tells Hugh to prepare the tea.[1]

  • The house-elves are summoned to tend a sick Hugh.
  • A house-elf tries to eat Hugh's golden key.
  • A mysterious being comes out of the Labyrinth Library.
  • Dalian worries about Hugh.

Trivia Edit

  • The chapter marks one of the few appearances in the manga of Dalian's other self who dwells inside the Labyrinth Library.

References Edit

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