The Dictator's Book
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Chapter 5

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dokusaisha no Sho



Release Date

July 26, 2011



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Fragment 1 (light novel 1)

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"The Dictator's Book" is the 5th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga.

A student who worries the most about the future of the country receives a Phantom Book from a mysterious green-haired girl. Using its power, he'll be able to overcome the corrupt politicians and bring hope to the citizens.[1]


Dictator intro

Rasiel approaches the student.

A long time ago, a serious young student was the person who most worried about the future of the country. Criminals were everywhere and poverty and hunger also made life difficulty. The man eventually fell into despair and started indulging an ephemeral life, until he met a green-haired girl. He affirms that the country is hopeless as long as the incompetent politicians, corroded by corruption and bribery, are in power. The little girl suggests that he rule the country on his own, becoming a dictator. As a young man, he could correct the nation with his ideals. The current leader wouldn’t be able to hurt him, since he was chosen by a Phantom Book.

Rasiel Dictator

Rasiel gives The Dictator's Book to the student.

A new politician appeared a few years later. He was responsible for invading other countries and bringing wealth to the population. He gave jobs to the citizens and punishment to the criminals. People now were showing smiles full of hope and enthusiastically supporting the man as if he was a hero. Citizens acting against him were imprisoned and opposing politicians were exiled. He held a book in his hands all the time.

Some years passed before he captured the last rebel. During the public execution, he announced that he would be no longer a dictator, but the true king of the country. Soon after, a young boy stabs the leader. He had lost his parents during the wars caused by the politician to enrich the nation. Although the latter was thinking about the country, this time the book in his hands didn’t protect him, since he stopped being a dictator. People enjoyed witnessing the end of the politician, affirming that the country would be fine from now on.

After listening to the little girl’s story, the German leader becomes interested in obtaining a book with such a power. She reveals, however, that he was not chosen by her Phantom Book. She goes away accompanied by a long-haired man. The girl affirms that humans never learn from the past.[1]

Dictator end

The Dictator's death.

Trivia Edit

  • While the original story is set in more modern times, as indicated by the description of firearms, the manga adaptation seems to be inspired by Ancient Rome.

References Edit

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