| 01 "Turn-up Book" | "Shikake Ehon" (仕掛け絵本)Edit

Six months after receiving a letter with news of his grandfather's death, Huey arrives at his grandfather's estate, only to discover a young girl among his grandfather's library. To his surprise, the young girl claims to be the one called Dalian, whom his grandfather had entrusted to Huey to take care of, along with the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian. Huey is then invited to the Conrad estate, and Dalian insists on tagging along, saying that Conrad was the one who killed his grandfather. They arrive to find everyone to be slaughtered and and Dalian explains that it is the work of a Phantom Book Conrad stole from the library.They venture through the mansion and fight off the fabrications of the Phantom Book and Dalian decides that Huey is worthy of inheriting the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian and becoming her Keykeeper. Together they restore the Phantom Book to its original form and seal its powers away.

| 02 "Book of Fetus"| "Taiji no Sho" (胎児の書) July 23, 2011Edit

Huey's grandfather was commissioned to appraise books of the late grandfather of Estella Lilbarn, a woman who lives alone in an estate after inheriting her grandfather's possessions. Huey goes with Dalian in to the home of Estella's grandfather. However, they soon discover from Estella's cousin that a string of mysterious murders have been happening on the estate, due to a cursed book that belonged to their late grandfather. Believing that a Phantom Book may be involved, Huey and Dalian begin investigating on the mysterious curse.

| 03 "Book of Wisdom / Queen of the Night" | "Eichi no Sho / Gekkabijin" (叡智の書 / 月下美人) July 30, 2011Edit

  • Book of Wisdom: Huey and Dalian visit a local bookstore, and are bickering with each other when they run into Camilla, an old friend of Huey's. She invites them to her villa for tea, and tells them of a friend whom had opened a school to compete with the one she was running and had claimed to have gotten hold of a Phantom Book that made her children smarter. However, the children reportedly became too smart for the teacher and seemed to have taken on completely different personalities and Huey and Dalian go to the school to investigate.
  • Queen of the Night: Dalian has a rare African cactus in the greenhouse, which is said to bloom only one night every thirteen years. Suddenly, two burglars break into the house and take them hostage, in search of a valuable book called Queen of the Night.

| 04 "Book of Soul Exchange" | "Kankon no Sho" (換魂の書) August 6, 2011Edit

Dalian is seen reading a book by the name of "Crown of the Dog Days," but she is enraged with Huey for only ordering the first two books. He explains that the author, Lenny Lents, was killed before he could write the last installment, and tells her of a letter written by the late author to his grandfather requesting for his help, claiming to be imprisoned by a bizarre book. They arrive at his estate to find a woman named Paula Lents, claiming to be his wife, washing a bloody machete. She tells them that Lenny is currently writing the last installment in the series, and to return the following day, so they could prepare for their visit. Huey and Dalian return that night to investigate her garage, and find Lenny's dead body, along with a young woman imprisoned behind bars. She begs them not to set her free, and to return the following day as planned, and help Lenny escape. They agree and return the following morning, and to their surprise, Lenny Lents is alive and working in his study. Thinking a Phantom Book could be involved, Huey and Dalian begin investigation.

| 05 "The Magician's Daughter"| "Majutsu-shi no Musume" (魔術師の娘) August 13, 2011Edit

An old friend of Huey's by the name of Armand Jeremiah arrives at their estate, and begs them for a Phantom Book. He wants to give it to the infamous courtesan Viola Duplessis, who has requested her suitors to bring five Phantom Books in order to make them eligible to marry her. Because Armand was not the first suitor to travel to their estate in search of Phantom Books, Huey and Dalian decide to go with Armand to meet Viola in order to figure out why she has been asking her suitors for Phantom Books.

| 06 "Libricide" | "Funsho-kan" (焚書官) August 20, 2011Edit

A Libricide Officer named Hal Kamhout arrives in a town by a lake, with a girl named Flamberge riding in the sidecar. The two of them are searching for the Red Biblioprincess, but Flam's attire and Hal's peculiar staff draws the attention of Mabel Nash, a female cop. She offers them a place to stay while they wait for a traveling salesman to stop by town, so they can buy gasoline. Hal explains the reason why they came was to investigate the multiple disappearances of travelers in the town since the war ended, thinking that the Red Biblioprincess may have been involved. He begins to notice something strange about the town, and begins to investigate.

| 07 "The Perfumer" |"Chōkō-shi" (調香師) Edit

Huey and Dalian go to a local shop to buy some sweet buns and are practically assaulted by a hasty and clumsy woman. She is revealed to be Fiona, a talented Perfumer who is able to tell someones emotions just by their smell. Fiona makes perfume for the Famenias of London which is a company that makes cosmetics, best known for their perfume. After her father tells them that the Phantom Book was responsible for the recipes, they go to Fiona's residence to investigate. It is revealed that the Padauk Firm are trying to get their hands on a special Perfume called Relic, so Dalian and Huey begin to investigate.

| 08 "Book of Equivalence / Book of Connection" |"Tōka no Sho / Renri no Sho" (等価の書 / 連理の書) Edit

  • Book of Equivalence: In this part of the episode, Camilla once again visits Dalian and Huey and brings presents for Dalian. When Dalian was reading an auction catalog book, it was revealed that she wishes for one teddy bear in a very tsunderic manner. However, Camilla excused herself to get Dalian's another present. When the duo asked the owner of the bookshop they usually get the Phantom Books, the owner said that a Phantom Book was bought, which shocked Dalian and Huey. It was revealed that it was Camilla who bought the book and she went place by place bartering an object for another. Alas, they found her in the mansion of the one who bought the teddy bear that Dalian really wanted. This implies that Camilla bartered the book for the teddy bear.
  • Book of Connection: In this part of the episode, Dalian and Huey again encounters Armand with another problem. Armand's lover suspects that he is cheating her, thus cursing him with a Phantom Book. They plan to save him, but he must die once to break his relationship with his lover.

| 09 "Book of Twilight" |"Tasogare no Sho" (黄昏の書)Edit

Dalian and Huey are seen in a fortress. It was then revealed that they were inside a book; the Book of Twilight. Ira, a shaman in training was gathering flowers in a forest. In her town, they were preparing for the attack of big flying insects that prey on humans called Baziumus. Then, it was revealed that the reason why the insects were there was because of the books that Ira's friend, Tito was bringing. Dalian and Huey defeated the insects through the help of Phantom book. The townspeople felt safe again and Dalian and Huey went back to their world. In their world, it implies that the reason of the Baziumus in the book was because of a infestation of bookworms in Dalian's books

| 10 "Phantom Score" |"Genkyoku" (幻曲)Edit

This episede begins at the park, where Huey is playing a violin and Dalian is getting mad at him for playing it horribly. Suddenly, a girl named Christabel Sistine shows up, and moments later, Dallaglio Hayward comes after her. Huey's violin was out of tune, and when Dallaglio fixes it, Christabel performs with her flute which a very beautiful melody that catches the attention of everyone in the park. When Dallaglio notices the growing crowd, he takes Christabel by the hand and flees. It is later revealed that Christabel is a very famous flutist who is about to perform in a newly built house dedicated to her. Then, Dalian tells Huey that they should go to London immediately. There, Dalian and Huey enter the basement of the opera but are tied up upon discovery by the manager. Then and there, it is revealed that Christabel is not a human but a robotic doll that Dallaglio made to erase his father's shame in their name. The manager kills Dallaglio as the concert is about to start because the manager wants Christabel to play Guillermo Baldini's long-lost Phantom Score, which acts as a narcotic to those who hear. But instead of playing "Utopia", the piece she is programmed to perform, Christabel performs "Twilight", another Phantom Score of the same composer that causes destruction and despair, proving that even a robot has a will. Christabel first plays warning music, and all the ones who hear get out safely. However, the manager and his guards, who were in a sound-proof room in anticipation of "Utopia", do not make it out in time.

| 11 "The Mystic Archives of Raziel" |"Raijeru no Shoka" (ラジエルの書架)Edit

This episode mainly focuses in Huey's past, a year before he meets Dalian. In the past, Huey was rather arrogant and trained only to kill enemies. But his superior, Ilas, showed him the real love of flying a plane. Ilas later was revealed to be what was known as the "Faceless Phantom". He read his own analogy and eventually killed his own comarades. We find out that it was the Red Biblioprincess, Rasiel, who provoked Ilas into doing such a deed and switching to the enemy's side. Rasiel explains that a Phantom Book is written out of strong emotions such as anger and madness. Rasiel told Ilas to write more poems about war that could create a Phantom Book. Meanwhile, Huey is enraged because of Ilas's sudden switch of sides. He recalls the times when he and Ilas were as close as brothers and reads one of Ilas's analogies to completely defeat him. Huey defeats Ilas, who crash lands on a field. There, Rasiel and her keykeeper, the Professor, are standing in the shade of a tree. Ilas tells them that he will write another analogy, but instead, Rasiel pushes him by a finger and he suddenly collapses. It was implied that he already died once, but was brought back to life by the Professor in order to finish writing his desirable Phantom Book. Now that his analogy is burned due to the crash, he is no longer needed by Rasiel and is "returned" to the other world. Rasiel notes that Huey, who is still flying his plane, is a good reader, and that he may also be a keykeeper. Afterwards, Huey quits as a pilot and goes to his grandfather's mansion as his heir.

| 12 "The Unknown Tomorrows' Poetry" | (まだ見ぬ明日の詩)Edit


The final episode of Dantalian no Shoka begins with inner Dalian. Huey enters with a wound which causes shock

Zombies in London

to her. Setting that aside, London was infiltrated with zombies, which Dalian and Huey conclude to be a work of a Phantom Book. The newspapers were implied to be the Phantom Books so, Dalian and Huey went to the publishing warehouse of the said newspaper. There, zombies were controlling the publishing of the newspapers. Suddenly, the Professor, Rasiel's keykeeper welcomes both Dalian and Huey for tea. In his office, Rasiel enters and was as shocked as Dalian. They had a small fight but was stopped by the Professor. He asks
Dalian and rasiel

Dalian and Rasiel's small fight

why Huey exists and why was he with Dalian. Huey explains his goal was to save her, shocking both Dalian and the Professor. Suddenly, the Professor shoots him with a Phantom Book in a form of a gun. Dalian goes to Huey's side in great shock and glares at the Professor and Rasiel. The Professor points his gun at Dalian, stating that she should release all her books inside in which Dalian replied, "There are things better left to be unknown". As he was about to shoot, Huey shot his gun and carried Dalian away to safety. In a safe place, Huey insists Dalian to open the gate to save her. Dalian was hesitant at first, fearing that Huey may never come back, but Huey promised for his return thus, allowing him to enter. Inside, was the first scene of the episode. Huey insists inner Dalian to come and with him. She was hesitant at first, but Huey held her hand and they both ran away. In the real world, Dalian was also

Dalian and Huey runs

running with Huey as the zombies chased them. Inside the gourd, the gate was sealed and the warden released a bolt of lightning, thus seperating inner Dalian and Huey. In the real world, Huey collapsed, leaving Dalian in great worry. Huey wakes up in a place of nothingness while in the real world, Dalian tells the unconscious Huey that he should get hold of himself or else he'll be there for an eternity. She tells him all the great time she had with him and also stating that he didn't even gave her the chance to fly with him. Dalian begins to cry and the inner Dalian begins to communicate with Dalian, stating that they should join forces to save the person so dear to both of them. Inner Dalian asks Dalian if she will help her and Dalian replies, "Yes, you don't even have to ask.". With that, inside the
UWAAAAAAH!!! favourite scene T.T
world, Huey meets little Huey and gives Huey a Phantom Book. Huey was baffled at first but then, realized something and states that he is the keykeeper of the Black Biblioprincess. Huey returns back to life and the two of them went to face the zombies. Huey begins to read the book and shows glimpse and scenes of Dalian and inner Dalian's past life and a "future". Inner Dalian returns to the gourd and promises Huey that she will go out with him someday. Huey agrees. After the reading, the zombies vanished.
Hal and flam

Hal burning the Phantom newspapers

Rasiel and the Professor successfully loaded the trucks full of newspapers that will transform the readers to zombies and stated that Huey is too late. But, Flam and Hal burned the newspapers much to Rasiel's shock. Rasiel and the Professor leaves, while Hal tries to stop them but then, they heard Dalian's cry for help. Back to Huey's mansion, Camilla and Armand were relieved to find Huey awake now. Dalian enters and shows a gleeful smile but blushes and frowns, stating that he slept for a very longtime. Huey laughs, seeing crumbs near Dalian's mouth and Dalian yells at him, staitng that she was worried about

Dalian smiles when Huey woke up

him. He apologises to Dalian while Dalian tells Huey to recover fast to retrieve more Phantom Books that Wes lent. In the post credits, Rasiel and the Professor are seen in a jet plane, returning to Germany. Rasiel was frustrated in their failure and the Professor states that the New World is here. Flam and Hal are seen in Hal's vehicle, Flam teases him for saving Dalian and Huey and asks if he would return Phantom Books if they encountered one. Hal replies that he wouldn't, stating that Phantom Books are meant to be
Hal and flam ed

Flam teasing Hal

destroyed. Lastly, Dalian and Huey are seen having tea. Dalian reads a book while Huey looks at her with a soft smile, then averting his gaze. Inner Dalian is seen inside the gourd, reading the Phantom Book Huey read and closes it with a smile.


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