Book of Styx

Original Name


Romanized Name

Suteikusu no Sho


Charon (カローン Karōn)


Chapter 4 (light novel 2);
Chapter 11 (manga);
Episode 2


It summons a barrier.


(Dalian, in the manga)


Inside the Labyrinth Library

Book of Styx, by Charon, is a Phantom Book used by Hugh to block the Golem’s attacks. It's present in the Book of Fetus story. It also appears during the Book of Wisdom II, in the manga, as Στύξ, Styx in Ancient Greek.

It’s a heavy and old book with a red, ornate cover.[1]


The Book of Styx was written by the immortal wise man Charon,[1] the ferryman of Hades, which is the name of both the underworld and its ruler, the God of the dead from the Greek mythology.[2] Charon would carry the souls of the deceased from the world of the living, across the rivers Styx and Acheron, to the world of the dead.[3]

It has registers about the deity Styx, here called the Goddess of the Underworld, the personification of the river. The Book of Styx is contained inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


From the Book of Styx, an impenetrable, golden shield appears. It’s a translucent barrier which will not be pierced even against a thousand spears. It’s capable of blocking even the powerful punches dealt by the Golem, releasing a metallic sound. It also produced a powerful shock wave when it was summoned, keeping the Golem away for a moment and burning its cloth.[1] In the manga, the Book of Styx was able to nullify the attack of the Loge's giant.[4] The user gets tired after using the shield for a brief time, since his spirit is consumed as magical power.[1]

The shield shows some images, including what appears to be a Chimera, a Pegasus, a peacock and a Gorgon head. Occasionally, it also displays stars of David, with symbols of a crescent moon or a lightning.[5]


Hugh reads a passage from the Book of Styx to summon the shield.[5]

Dantalian no Shoka - 02 - Large 28

The Goddess Styx is shown when Hugh reads the Phantom Book.

"O, water of the great river,
one which separates the underworld from the material world, the mortals from the immortal gods.
Test one's vows with thy roaring stream!

The Goddess smiles, permitting my stay,
blessing eternal body and soul, harming naught.
The lives of the Gods on Mount Olympus shall be eternal, gifted by the world."


Book of Fetus Edit

After Estella tried to stab Hugh, the Golem breaks through a wall. The Golem was created to hide the evidences of the murders committed by Estella, including bodies. Hugh and Dalian are attacked by the monster. Hugh opens the Library to obtain the Book of Styx and The Clay Tablet of Ugarit. The former is used to protect Hugh and Dalian from the Golem. A shock wave pushes the creature away. Eventually, the Golem is defeated after Hugh destroys the 72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorash, the Phantom Book controlling the artificial being.

Golem attacking

The shield from the Book of Styx, protecting Hugh and Dalian from the Golem.

Book of Wisdom II (manga) Edit

Book of Styx (manga)

The Στύξ is used by Dalian in the manga.

Norman and his soldiers surround Hugh and Dalian during their discussion with Rasiel and Charlotte. After seeing how Norman was threatening Eric and her parents, Charlotte releases the hidden power of the Book of Wisdom. Then, Rasiel opens the Library to summon a giant. The Professor reads the Loge to make the monster release a powerful attack. Dalian appears exhausted, holding the Στύξ. She had used the Phantom Book to protect Charlotte and Eric.[4]


  • The Odyssey is one of the books that appears at the end of Episode 2. This Greek epic poem mentions the river Styx.[6] Additionally, some myths describe Charon carrying Odysseus to the underworld and back.[7] 
  • Charon and Styx are moons of Pluto. Curiously, the loss rate of Pluto's atmosphere is reduced by Charon, which acts as a shield against solar winds.[8]
  • The Sage's Plate is also used to summon a barrier.[9]

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