Book of Fetus
Phantom Books
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Taiji no Sho




Chapter 4 (light novel 2);
Episode 2


It creates a golem.


Elvis Lilburn



Book of Fetus or Book of Foetus is a Phantom Book used by Elvis Lilburn to create a golem. It's mentioned in the Book of Fetus story.


The Book of Fetus is briefly mentioned by Dalian. It was part of Colonel Lilburn’s collection of books of foreign law. This Phantom Book is never seen throughout the series. It was used by Colonel Lilburn along with the 72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorash as a way to hide the evidences of the murders committed by his granddaughter and wife.[1]

In the Hebrew language, there’s a connection between the words “golem” and “fetus”, since both refer to an incomplete substance.[2]


A golem is born from the Book of Fetus. An inorganic soldier created in the past by heretic scribes through sacred rituals. The Golem is immortal and has notable physical strength and resistance. However, the doll created requires a master, being unable to make any judgments by itself. The 72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorash is used to control the golem created by the Book of Fetus.[1]

Golem infobox

The Golem created by the Book of Fetus.


Martin Geese informs Hugh and Dalian about the murders happening around Estella Lilburn. Later that day, they see a golem leaving with the body of Martin. Estella is seen next to it, apparently oblivious about the situation. The next day, Dalian mentions the Book of Fetus and the existence of the 72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorash to control the artificial being.

Soon after, Estella is discovered as a killer. The Golem, created by Colonel Lilburn, was only hiding the evidences of her crimes. Hugh uses the Book of Styx and The Clay Tablet of Ugarit to fight against it. The creature is only defeated when Hugh destroys the 72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorash, which was disguised as a carillon. The Golem would receive an order every time the bell ringings were heard. The Book of Fetus is probably lost forever among the debris of the Lilburn mansion.[1]

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