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Baron (男爵 Danshaku)


Chapter 4 (light novel 3);
Episode 5

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Kentarou Tone



The Baron is Viola Duplessis’ lover who appears at the end of The Magician's Daughter story.


Baron met Viola after she requested five specific Phantom Books to her suitors, including Armand Jeremiah, in exchange of her hand in marriage. She needed such power in order to oppose her father Melgar. Baron became the person the courtesan wished to stay with, explaining why she refused to run away, even while feeling threatened by the Earl.[1]


He’s a polite gentleman who loves Viola. Nothing else was revealed about him. He's probably the son of an important and wealthy family, not unlike other men who frequent Viola's evening social circle.[1]


He dresses himself in an extravagant way, mostly in purple, with baggy trousers, cape, boots, white gloves and hose, white neckcloth, a red large collar and a cavalier hat trimmed with many white plumes. The young man sports a flashy blue ribbon around the waist. Baron has violet eyes, brown hair and a long mustache.[1][2]


When Dalian questions why Viola prefers to oppose the Earl instead of running away, the courtesan says there is someone she doesn’t want to leave behind.

The Baron appears at the end of The Magician’s Daughter, after the climax. Viola is asked to choose someone to marry between Armand Jeremiah and other four suitors. After all, they obtained the Phantom Books she requested and were almost killed while protecting her against Melgar. She’s already decided who she wants as a lover. Baron suddenly shows up, yelling her name. The courtesan smiles and runs into his arms. The woman introduces him to her admirers. She previously agreed to marry with the man who was able to find the Phantom Books. However, the situation changed after she met Baron. She apologizes. The Baron thanks them for everything. Outside, a carriage was waiting for the couple. They leave the mansion together.[1]

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